According to traditions, moldavite can be linked with the higher self through its strong energy – read this. This may lead to deep spiritual growth or change. If you are looking for spiritual guidance and a way to connect more closely with the cosmos, moldavite may be the right tool.

Moldavite has one main purpose: to cleanse and purify energy in your body. Moldavite can help you clear out negative energy and blockages from your chakras. This will give you energy and help improve your overall well-being.

Moldavite is believed to be very useful for meditation and visualization. It is possible to tap into its amazing healing abilities and increase your consciousness by simply holding the stone in your palm and focusing on its unique energies. A spiritual transformation can occur when you learn more about your inner wisdom.

It is possible to increase your ability to read and interpret the energy of moldavite. You can use your psychic or clairvoyant gifts to assist you in understanding the messages from the rest of the world and how they are being communicated.

According to some reports, moldavite has a multitude of physical and spiritual benefits. The moldavite has been reported to increase overall health, improve the immune system, and assist with managing pain and other physical ailments.

You should remember that moldavite is a tool to spiritual growth and a gemstone. The benefits it offers are different for each person. Some people might feel very sensitive to the energetic of moldavite and may immediately notice its effects. Other people might find they require more time to experience the positive benefits.