Today’s world of high-tech gadgets, fast cars and high-living is a place where coffee machines are the most popular. I’m sure you’ve bought appliances over the years. But no matter how good they looked, they were always put away in a drawer. How many appliances have you owned like that – get the facts? Or how many cut and dice gadgets do you own and still use it to make food? It can sometimes be too difficult to take them out, wash them, then put them back. It is much easier to grab a knife.

Our coffee maker, however, has been sitting on the kitchen bench for nearly 4 years. With the exception of holidays away at home, it has been used virtually every day. This machine won’t go to the back of the cupboard. Coffee Machines are beautiful to look at, and having one is a huge plus. My husband rises early every morning and heads to the coffee maker to make my morning coffee. This has been my experience for the last four year. So, I have the option of drinking my amazing coffee in bed or going to my favourite spot for my morning ‘cuppa.

I find it amazing that we can afford such a machine. Coffee machines can cost anywhere from very low to extremely high. The good news is that consumers can purchase machines with high quality technology and great taste – which was previously only possible in coffee shops and restaurants. We only purchase whole beans for our machine. However, we prefer the machine to grind the coffee during the coffee-making process. This ensures that the coffee tastes fresh and is delicious. It also makes the house smell wonderful. Since the machine came in, I haven’t had instant coffee. The thought of it makes my stomach churn. The coffee I like is either a flat white, or a cuppuccino. However, most machines can make many different types of coffee to suit your needs, such as latte, cappuccino, and so on. latte’s, long black, etc.